Cutting Edge Warehouse Fulfillment Services

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warehouse fulfillment services
With the global economy continually evolving, it’s become more important than ever for BCOs and freight forwarders to seek out and contract with vendors that are using cutting edge warehouse fulfillment services and technology.

To increase efficiencies, and save time and money, here are a few things to keep your eye out for when selecting which vendor to use for your organization’s warehouse fulfillment services:

1. Comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS)
An up-to-date WMS will provide the benefits of streamlined logistics and the ability for you, as the customer, to log into a web-based application to view your account inventory and status.

2. EDI Communication Capabilities
In contrast to the old days when paper invoices were the standard, Electronic Data Interchange or EDI has drastically improved the efficiency and ease of communication between a warehouse provider and its client base.

As an example, a large national big box retailer contracted with GlobeCon to architect and implement a national distribution project, including EDI setup, web-based inventory management, and white glove home delivery and installation of a global brand’s consumer appliances. You can check out the case study here.

3. Complete Transparency and Container Tracking
Another important aspect when seeking out warehouse fulfillment services involves how transparent the provider is regarding inventory updates and freight movement and shipping information. Does the vendor provide the ability to check in on real-time container tracking and provide up-to-date delivery information?

No business should ever be in the dark about when to expect a freight shipment to depart or arrive at its destination, and the best vendors will have no problem providing clients with immediate access to container or freight information.

4. Ability to Easily Process High Volume Orders
With state of the art warehouse fulfillment services, processing high volume orders is not an issue. A well-equipped warehouse provider will be able to work with any volume of freight and will have the experience required to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

For the best possible results, be sure that you choose a warehouse provider that meets the four items mentioned above.

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