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Nearshoring is on the Rise

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For decades, China has been considered a key player in global manufacturing, with its inexpensive, skilled labor and its ability to support supply chain infrastructure. But now, many U.S. businesses are instead turning their sights toward Mexico and Canada, which have seen an increase in nearshoring over the past few years.

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Optimizing your ecommerce fulfillment strategy

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The order fulfillment process is a huge part of the ecommerce customer journey. Get everything right, and you will gain customer loyalty and new referrals in return. But when minor inefficiencies litter the process, they can quickly compound into major problems downstream.

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3 EDI trends to watch in 2023 and beyond

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Electronic data interchange (EDI) streamlines the transfer of business documents between companies by reconfiguring them into a standard electronic format. A bold step toward greater interoperability, this is done using specialized software that uses EDI mapping to standardize the documents, which allows them to be received and read using different software suites.

7 Tips for Tackling Uncertainty in the Supply Chain

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Experienced supply chain veterans will tell you that when it comes to global trade, uncertainty is nothing new. Still, almost two and a half years of pandemic, global conflict, and natural disasters have put many of the most experienced logistics pros on their back foot.