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Amazon Looking to Become a Player in Global Third-Party Logistics?

Befitting the online retail giant’s existing strategy of aggressive expansion and industry domination, Inc. has recently made moves implying a possible venture into the world of global third-party logistics. In January, Amazon registered its China arm as an ocean freight forwarder with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), allowing for a more direct and […]

Technology and the ‘Connected Ship’

The shipping and logistics industry has long benefited from technological interconnectivity. However, it’s been estimated that the increased efficiency, trackability and machine learning offered by being wired into the Internet of Things can potentially reduce commercial transportation asset and operations management costs by 10 percent.

How the Shipping Industry is Cutting Costs in Face of Potential Slowdown

The global shipping industry is entering into what could be a significant slowdown–and many logistics providers are responding by circling the wagons. Spurred on by the economic and manufacturing slowdown in China and the overall failure of emerging markets to live up to projected growth expectancies, many container shipping lines are turning their attentions toward […]

Emerging Hubs for Global Logistics

While the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach process over 14 million containers a year and remain unmatched in terms of sheer volume, new hubs are changing the face of the global logistics and supply chain industry. These hubs are being developed to provide more efficient routing, alleviate already congested ports, and support the […]