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Top Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risks in 2023

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Cybersecurity remains a top concern for supply chain risk management. Supply chain cybersecurity threats impact data integrity, and past attacks have proven just how vulnerable the supply chain is. In three years, supply chain attacks are up 742%, and cybersecurity experts don’t foresee cyber attacks decreasing anytime soon.


The Top 3 Predictions for Logistics in 2022

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Another new year, another clean slate – or so we hoped. Looking ahead to 2022, many of us are wondering what the outlook is for logistics and transportation. Last year was marked by the container crisis, disruption caused by the Suez Canal blockage, and lack of warehouse availability just to name a few. Many of […]

Catching Up With Autonomous Ship Technology

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks in the Transportation Industry

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The supply chain has faced a number of challenges in the past eighteen months, from drayage bottlenecks to container shortages to lockdowns and short staffing. While shippers, carriers, and warehousers scrambled to shore up operations, another threat lingered behind the scenes: Cyberattacks.

A State of Disunion: Supply Chain Cybersecurity in 2020

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In only a few short years, supply chain companies have made huge investments in cloud storage, IoT infrastructure, and advanced cargo tracking software. This shift away from paper and pen has powered a revolutionary change in data processing and productivity, but it has also introduced new vulnerabilities into the global supply chain. In 2017, a […]