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Logistics in a warehouse

5 common cold chain logistics challenges

Categories: BCO/Shipper.

The pandemic put considerable focus on the supply chain — largely due to the significant, at times costly, disruptions it caused. But behind the scenes, the turmoil of 2020 and 2021 also inspired the innovation needed to meet new expectations, especially when it comes to safely moving temperature-sensitive materials worldwide.

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Container entering a port

Is Port Congestion Finally Easing?

The pandemic brought with it a tidal wave of challenges, many of which are still impacting the supply chain.

Companies have adapted with perseverance in the face of huge ecommerce spikes, manufacturing slowdowns, high demand for warehousing space, driver shortages, and a massive backlog of shipping containers at ports waiting to be unloaded — not to mention high container freight rates, long turnaround times, and container shortages.

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