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Warehouse Solutions for the Modern BCO

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Today’s modern BCO faces challenges relating to the lack of transparency that exists when trying to track shipments, as well as the need to secure customized solutions to meet complicated situational demands.

Being responsible for the entire supply chain is a feat in and of itself. Add to that the nature of the shipping industry in which disconnected service providers are involved in stringing together a process that ensures a company’s freight is imported, transported and delivered to retail stores around the country as scheduled, and it becomes apparent that the Director of Logistics for any retailer is charged with an extremely complicated endeavor.

The Warehousing Piece of the Puzzle

Choosing which freight forwarder to use to get the freight from the port to the shelves of the store is just the beginning of the modern BCO’s work in getting freight to its final destination.

The next piece in building out a functional end-to-end solution involves contracting with a warehouse service provider that can offer 24/7 access to tracking and inventory information while instilling confidence that special protocols and emergency requests can be accommodated.

For situations requiring fast warehouse turnarounds that involve last-minute changes or requests it’s also vital to partner with a warehouse provider that can:

  • Deliver consistent, reliable service
  • Meet capacity requirements without issue
  • Offer superior, custom-tailored service solutions

Here are five warehouse service capabilities for the modern BCO to seek out with any new warehouse service partner:

EDI communication – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities allow for the electronic interchange of purchase orders and invoices between different companies using a standardized format.

Retail routing guide expertise – Experience in following routing guides to the T ensures that a retailer can rely on the warehouse provider to contribute to the goal of meeting all retailer needs.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) – Warehouse management systems keep track of warehouse inventory, space, equipment and people in a single software that allows retailers access to tracking and inventory information 24/7 which reduces costs and fulfillment times.

Label printing / placement – Accurate, professional, high-quality label services to meet your company’s requirements.

Pick and pack / fulfillment – The ability to process varying quantities of product, including disassembly and picking the relevant product for each destination and then re-packaging with shipping label affixed and invoice included.

And for detailed information, maps and contact information for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, be sure to download a free copy of our Comprehensive Port Service Guide.