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The Warehouse Technology of the Future Is Already Here

Speeding fulfillment efficiency during COVID-19 and beyond

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Maximizing fulfillment efficiency is an ongoing process and a major goal of every successful warehouse operation, particularly in a consumer landscape shaped by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumers have increasingly turned to eCommerce for their purchasing needs, and understandably so, as they sought to avoid spaces where virus exposure was a risk. As such, the shift from shopping brick-and-mortar to digital has accelerated by almost five years – with both orders and returns experiencing a significant boom.

To keep pace with these changes, warehouse managers must identify opportunities for growth in both their fulfillment & reverse logistics processes and implement optimizations that achieve speed and efficiency. Let’s cover some basic ways that fulfillment efficiency can be maximized to meet consumer demand.

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The Future Looks Bright for Sustainable Warehousing

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The shift toward sustainable warehousing is still accelerating despite the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19. External pressure on companies to adopt greener practices continues to rise alongside the need to balance costs and operational efficiencies. It’s anticipated the call for sustainable action will increase demand for strategic warehousing, automation, and eco-friendly packaging, among other currently unforeseeable needs. But sustainable warehousing can do more than help the environment –¬†there are efficiency and cost gains to be had as well. In light of these environmental factors, we’ll discuss the ways in which the industry is inching toward a more sustainable future with greener warehousing solutions.

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3 Trucking Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2021

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Trucking keeps our nation moving, and without it the U.S. economy would come to a standstill.

We’ve previously talked about how eCommerce continues to thrive despite the presence of a global recession, so it’s safe to say trucking won’t slow down anytime soon. It’s no wonder then that environmentally sustainable transportation of freight is on the minds of customers and companies alike.

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2021 State of the Port of LA Highlights

Categories: Port Drayage.

2020 was a tumultuous year across the country and around the globe. No surprise that both uncertainty and the innovative spirit stood out as key themes at the Port of LA as well. But what is in store for the year to come?

Once a year, Executive Director of the Port of LA Gene Seroka shares his “State of the Port” presentation. This review of the exciting new developments at one of America’s largest and busiest ports is always one to watch, and this year was no different.

Here are some key highlights from the 2021 state of the Port of LA.

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Looking for Warehouse Space? Here are 4 Things to Consider

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Online retail is thriving, and many ecommerce companies are scaling up their warehouse operations to meet increasing demand.

But that’s easier said than done.

Many factors impact the cost of warehouse space. Rents and real estate costs, labor costs, insurance, taxes…nearly all of them are pushing overhead up. Not to mention, your warehouse location will impact your whole fulfillment operation.

If you’re trying to decide your next warehousing move, here are four things to keep in mind.

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How Click and Collect Last Mile Impacts Logistics

Categories: BCO/Shipper.

Last mile delivery has long been one of the toughest challenges for ecommerce retailers. That hasn’t changed, but now that more buyers than ever are turning to online shopping channels to get the products they want consumer expectations for delivery speed and service are increasing rapidly. Even some of the biggest big box retailers are having difficulty keeping up with mounting demand.

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Supply Chain

The 2021 Retail Supply Chain Outlook

Categories: BCO/Shipper.

The disruption that defined 2020 is still impacting most retail supply chains in the U.S. in significant ways. As the dust continues to settle, a number of trends will almost certainly transform the retail outlook in the years to come. 

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IoT having control over a wide range of logistics methods.

Freight Telematics Ties The Supply Chain Together

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While advanced warehouse management technology has become commonplace in fulfillment, many trucking companies still largely operate as they have for decades.

That is all starting to change, however, as IoT devices transform the way critical data points are connected along the supply chain. Freight telematics is one of those game-changing technologies that will likely take on a bigger role in the freight industry in the coming years.

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Cargo Ship Loading

What You Need To Know About Global Container Imbalance

Categories: BCO/Shipper.

Container imbalance is a perennial issue that plagues the freight forwarding industry, but never before has it felt like such an insurmountable obstacle. The extreme circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic have pushed this slowly growing but persistent challenge to the forefront.

If the global supply chain is to operate as efficiently as possible, intermodal containers must flow harmoniously between destinations to ensure supply is able to meet demand. The economic effects of COVID-19, however, have created a gross imbalance between capacity and demand.

Let’s take a deep dive into the current container imbalance and what it means for the industry as we move forward into a new year.

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