driver appreciation week

Driver Appreciation Week

The American Trucking Associations Driver Appreciation Week 2015 is right around the corner, so get ready to celebrate with some of America’s hardest working men and women.

There are about 3.5 million professional truck drivers on the roads today driving more than 400 billion miles and hauling over 10 billion tons of cargo, ensuring the freight infrastructure that underlies our national economy remains strong, reliable, and consistent.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to reflect on the many ways our driving partners form the backbone of the freight industry, moving almost 70% of all the freight tonnage in the U.S., and the role they play in our thriving economy.

Looking Back

Up until the 1930s railroads moved most of the freight in the US, with teams of as many as forty horses handling pickup and delivery duties, pulling large wagons from rail yards to warehouses, stores, and homes. It wasn’t until the onset of the first world war that the trucking industry began to grow in earnest, and by the late 1920s trucks began to resemble their modern counterparts.

As trucking technology and the national highway system grew during the years between the two world wars, the reach of trucks was vastly expanded and long hauling became a viable option for moving freight.

By the time we entered the second world war, drivers were hauling freight all across America, supporting the war effort and helping to meet the ever-increasing demands of our growing economy.

A Driver Driven Economy

Believe it or not, only three sectors of the American economy are a bigger part of our GDP than transportation: housing, food, and healthcare. The drivers out there on the road day in and day out are helping to keep our nation strong and growing stronger.

An American Trucking Association report recently revealed that annual trucking industry revenue hit $700 billion in 2014, an all time high. In the last decade, the economic situation has occasionally left trucking on unsteady ground, but through its ups and downs drivers have worked day and night to get our freight to its destinations on time.  

Emerging from the recent recession lean and hungry for success, the trucking industry is now growing at an amazing rate. Drivers are the boots on the ground pushing the industry forward, helping to build a strong future for trucking.

Celebrating Driver Appreciation Week

Truck Driver Appreciation week is all about taking time to reflect on the role drivers play in our industry. They’re on the road for days at a time, moving freight day and night to keep the gears of the economy turning smoothly. We encourage all our partners in the 3PL, warehousing, and freight forwarding industries to consider ways in which you can extend your gratitude to the drivers you employ or work with regularly.

Their commitment to excellence and reliability helps us all thrive. For more ideas on how to celebrate Driver Appreciation Week, check out the American Trucking Association‘s website.

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