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2022 State of Logistics Report Highlights

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The 2022 State of Logistics Report was unveiled on June 21, and presents a detailed look back on 2021 service demand and costs. It’s a welcome update as the logistics industry adapts to a post-pandemic landscape.

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2022 Technology Trends in the Supply Chain

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Shipping and fulfillment logistics have been hindered for more than two years by a combination of pandemic conditions, international conflict, inflation, rising fuel costs, extreme weather, and more. The businesses that have shown the most agility and flexibility during the disruptions of the past eighteen months have been rewarded handsomely for their innovation.

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How Lockdowns in China Are Impacting Shipping

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So far, 2022 has been another year of supply chain uncertainty. Inflation, new spikes in COVID-19 cases, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict have all impacted the movement of goods, slowing the supply chain recovery experts had hoped to see.