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The Future of Drayage: 2021 and Beyond

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Drayage can seem like a relatively straightforward part of the overall supply chain, but technology is revitalizing and reshaping this vital function all the same. In recent years, drayage has become something of a black hole in logistics data systems. While warehouses and shippers use data to streamline picking, packing, and shipping, operations at many […]

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Why Drayage Can Make or Break Your Supply Chain

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Lightning-fast shipping speeds and real-time tracking updates are more important to consumers than ever. The biggest players in the game have set expectations sky high for ecommerce retailers, and many companies are seeking out any opportunity available to gain an edge.

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New Drayage and Portside Tech Wrap-up 2019

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Drayage has long been one of the least understood and most critical processes in the supply chain. Without effective drayage systems, cargo doesn’t get unloaded from container ships and international trucks in a timely manner, creating backups that slow operations at warehouses, retailers, ecommerce hubs, and more.

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How Modern Drayage Is Revolutionizing Port Systems

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While the global supply chain has been transformed by software solutions and tech innovation, many of the systems that drive modern ports haven’t been updated since the start of the 20th century. Now, several major shifts in technology are revolutionizing portside drayage.

Drayage Carriers In The Modern Supply Chain

Drayage Carriers In The Modern Supply Chain

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As we move into the second half of 2017, port drayage continues to experience significant growth-related challenges. The rapid growth of eCommerce in recent years has increased the demand for goods, but also reshaped the routes they travel. To meet this demand, large eCommerce companies have increasingly built regional warehouses to enable the fast delivery […]

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Positive Retail News Could Boost Container Transport Services

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As global shipping losses continue to slow and confidence steadily rebuilds from overcapacity concerns, recent news from the National Retail Federation has many logistics providers and transport coordinators increasingly hopeful. The NRF’s 2016 economic forecast projects retail industry sales growing at a higher rate than previously anticipated — 3.1 percent over the 10-year average of […]

Automation is Coming to Shipping: What Will it Mean?

According to Martin Stopford, Non-Executive President of Clarkson Research, global shipping has a major problem that needs to be addressed. According to Stopford, the industry has become entangled in an ultra-competitive, old-fashioned mindset that keeps shipping technology stuck in the past. The solution? Getting with the times and integrating automation into across the industry.