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Is Uber Freight Taking Over the Shipping Industry?

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On September 9, Uber announced an expansion of its shipping and logistics operation, Uber Freight. The company signed a 10-year lease in Chicago, where it will open a new office and hire 2,000 people in the area over the next three years, mainly for the freight unit.

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What is 4PL? Understanding the Next Level of Logistics Outsourcing

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3PLs are well established as vital partners in the modern supply chain landscape. They fill essential logistical roles in warehousing, drayage, intermodal transport, and much more, allowing companies to scale operations at a sustainable pace without taking on massive amounts of infrastructure and investment. 

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Is Your Omnichannel Warehouse Prepared To Scale?

The increasing demand for omnichannel retail experiences is driving many companies to scale fulfillment operations quickly, stressing the entire supply chain. In many cases, this can create a big mess when the necessary physical and software infrastructure required to scale properly isn’t in place.

Does Ecommerce Benefit Local Freight Forwarding Services?

Does Ecommerce Benefit Local Freight Forwarding Services?

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Logistics and fulfillment startups  – who, traditionally, have held an infrastructural disadvantage against legacy companies – are finding that their nimbleness and ability to fill gaps in the supply chain are making them a valuable asset in the contemporary marketplace. Similarly, freight forwarders, port-side warehousers, and other 3PL companies are experiencing explosive growth thanks to the […]

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Are Delivery Management Platforms Essential For ECommerce Fulfillment?

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Ecommerce fulfillment has transformed customer expectations across all industries in recent years. Having the lowest price or the best product no longer guarantees a retailer is going to be successful. Now, fulfillment plays a key aspect in customer decision making. The faster you ship — and the more visibility you offer customers about in-transit orders […]

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How to Find the Best Last-Mile Delivery Companies

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Last-mile delivery services make up the critical final connection between distribution centers and your clients’ front doors. Thanks to the increasing demand for e-commerce fulfillment with ever tighter delivery deadlines, there’s been a tidal wave of demand for last-mile delivery. This includes both small packages and oversized products, such as furniture and appliances, which are […]