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How Click and Collect Last Mile Impacts Logistics

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Last mile delivery has long been one of the toughest challenges for ecommerce retailers. That hasn’t changed, but now that more buyers than ever are turning to online shopping channels to get the products they want consumer expectations for delivery speed and service are increasing rapidly. Even some of the biggest big box retailers are […]

Supply Chain

The 2021 Retail Supply Chain Outlook

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The disruption that defined 2020 is still impacting most retail supply chains in the U.S. in significant ways. As the dust continues to settle, a number of trends will almost certainly transform the retail outlook in the years to come. 

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What You Need To Know About Global Container Imbalance

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Container imbalance is a perennial issue that plagues the freight forwarding industry, but never before has it felt like such an insurmountable obstacle. The extreme circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic have pushed this slowly growing but persistent challenge to the forefront. If the global supply chain is to operate as efficiently as possible, intermodal containers […]

How Will New Emissions Regs Impact the Freight Industry?

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With the near certainty that Joe Biden will be the next U.S. president, eyes are turning toward carbon emissions regulations that will impact the freight industry. Experts predict a focus on vehicle emissions, specifically tight standards for trucks and incentives to replace fossil-fuel powered vehicles with electric ones. There is also the possibility of federal […]

China formally raise tariffs on American imports in China on 24 September 2018

Transpacific Volume is Surging. Are You Ready?

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COVID-19 has rocked the freight world in expected and unexpected ways, and many businesses have struggled to keep up. As we enter the final quarter of 2020, a lot of uncertainties about the future of the industry remain. One of those uncertainties is centered around transpacific freight. Right now, surging transpacific volume is causing problems […]

Inbound Supply Process

Four Ways to Optimize Inbound Supply Processes

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If timeliness matters to your supply chain — and we’re betting that now, more than ever, it does¬† — you can’t afford to ignore opportunities to optimize your inbound supply processes and logistics. Refining your inbound supply processes will help avoid slow shipping times, errors in process, and deterioration of products, while also improving decision-making, […]

Truck Yard

Digital Yard Management Surges in 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to increased pressure on shippers, freight forwarders and the industry as whole, and, unfortunately, highlighted many weak points in the industry. But for better or worse, COVID-19 has been a powerful driver for technological transformation in the supply chain this year, breaking these weak links and exposing gaps in the […]


Record July at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

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The global supply chain has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic, and maritime ports haven’t been spared. But after many rough months, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach appear to be on their way to rebounding from COVID-19 hardships. Here’s a look at the numbers for July, which show a heartening upswing in […]

USPS Shutdown

How Is the USPS Slowdown Affecting Ecommerce Retailers?

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If you work in ecommerce, you’re likely well aware that the United States Postal Service has been experiencing delays. While frustrating for everyday citizens, the slowdown is particularly affecting ecommerce retailers, as it’s impacting important factors such as shipping time frames and costs. Here, we’ll take a look at the causes, impacts, and effects of […]

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Amidst a Global Recession, Ecommerce is Growing

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created two very distinct spheres in the global economy. In the first sphere, shutdowns have flatlined revenue, and led to massive furloughs, layoffs, and business failures. Much of the world has plunged into a recession that may not improve until the end of 2020 (or later).