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The Best Port Container Services for Shippers and Freight Forwarders

For any freight forwarder or shipper (BCO), finding reliable and efficient port container services is an essential component to keeping things running smoothly. For businesses with freight arriving at the ports of Long Beach or Los Angeles, top quality port drayage and warehouse services are especially vital.

It is estimated that almost 40% of all goods shipped into the US inside a container arrive at the ports of Long Beach or Los Angeles.

Even for BCOs and freight forwarders located halfway across the country, finding the right company to handle your precious freight and cargo in these busy California ports can make a huge difference in day-to-day operations.

Here are a few of the services you should expect to receive from the best transportation, transloading and port drayage service providers:

Port Drayage: Consistent Pickup and Delivery

No matter where your cargo’s destination may be or what deadlines are required, a top drayage company will have no issue providing port container services you can depend on for every single shipment, big or small.

From the port to the truck, BCOs and freight forwarders should have 24/7 access to tracking information as well. Any reputable drayage, warehousing or transportation company will have no problem providing the container information you need at a moment’s notice.

Whether your freight is going from California to New York, or simply from the dock to a warehouse just a few blocks away, punctuality is incredibly important. If developing a predictable schedule for freight or transmodal cargo is an ongoing issue for you, it may be time to consider working with an alternative company for your transportation and warehousing needs.

Comprehensive Warehouse Solutions

The most trusted companies will offer you outstanding service in regards to the warehousing needs of  your various shipments and cargo. Without the use of today’s most state-of-the-art technologies, shipments can easily get mixed up, delayed, or lost.

Your partner should use a warehouse management system (WMS) that can ensure every container, every pallet of freight and every parcel gets exactly where it needs to be exactly when it needs to be there.

On-site electronic label printing, real-time EDI communication and complete transparency through web-based access to inventory are all attributes that leaders in the port container services industry possess.

Easy “In Bond” Customs House Transport

For BCOs and freight forwarders that need certified In Bond transport (either continuous entry or single entry) a well-established port drayage company will make your life easier.

While some shippers and freight forwarders may choose to have international cargo cleared by a customs broker, it is often much more efficient to process these shipments through a facility that has acquired its own customs bond.

The most successful port drayage and transmodal companies across the world will obtain customs bonds through the treasury department to expedite the shipment of goods. A Customshouse License Carrier (CHL) can keep your cargo moving on schedule and ensure there are no snags or late deliveries.

If you’re looking to streamline the shipment, warehousing and drayage portions of your supply chain, let us know. GlobeCon is positioned as a top service provider for port container services by providing clients with the tools, resources and experienced labor force needed to keep your freight moving right on time.

Since 1988, GlobeCon has continued to be a name you can trust to provide the best possible port container services in California and beyond.

For detailed information, maps and contact information for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, be sure to download a free copy of our Comprehensive Port Service Guide.