5 Warehouse Management Trends Surfacing in 2015

5 Warehouse Management Trends Surfacing in 2015

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Innovations and new technologies in all facets of warehousing–including logistics, transportation services, trucking, dispatching, and fulfillment–continue to improve and make distribution center operations more streamlined and efficient year after year.

These five trends have been surfacing in 2015 and reflect the industry’s desire to continue implementing new technologies, provide exceptional customer service, and ensure employee and product safety.

The Outsourcing of Logistical Functions to Third Parties

By expanding their distribution networks, warehouse facilities in various geographical locations are reducing travel distances and delivery times by enabling retailers to ship to stores and to end users faster.

With the expertise of third party logistics companies, businesses can save additional money by not having to launch their own physical fulfillment center.

Motion Detection Sensors On Forklifts

Within the past few years, motion detection sensors have become highly sophisticated in the warehouse environment to keep forklift operators and other people in the warehouse safe.

Motion detectors can monitor various zones throughout a warehouse facility and proactively warn workers of potential dangers with features like:

  • traffic detection sensors with floors lights
  • exterior monitoring
  • sensor mirrors
  • pedestrian detection sensors
  • clearance bar alarms
  • automated gate systems to regulate traffic at crossing points
  • corner mounted collision sensors

Vision-guided Vehicles for Forklift-free Warehouses

In 2015, vision-guided vehicle tow tractors are being embraced at many warehouse facilities to improve safety and increase efficiency by creating a lean alternative to using forklifts that can cause damage to products and seriously injure people.

Focus on Multi-channel Solutions

The key driver of growth in 2015 in the warehouse management industry is being able to provide multi-channel solutions for customers. Offering multiple solutions to meet the various challenges that come up in the fast-moving world of eCommerce is key to speeding inventory from Point A to Point B. The more solutions that can be provided from one vendor or warehouse, the more efficient and cost-effective the whole distribution process.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Constantly looking for ways to improve workflow is key to staying ahead of the competition in the world of warehouse management. Identifying, implementing, and committing to continuous improvement initiatives is a top property for key decision-makers in the industry. Whether it’s investing in new equipment and ongoing employee training, or finding ways to improve the efficiency of lead times and ensure exceptional customer service–only the best will survive as we forge on into the new world of eCommerce.

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