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5 Characteristics to Expect With a Top-Notch Container Hauling Company

Although at first glance it may seem as if all the container hauling companies vying for your business offer basically the same service, upon a much closer look it’s easy to see how that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s what you should demand in a freight container company:


Top-notch container hauling companies are able to adjust to changes on the fly, whether as the result of weather, labor issues, customer requests or unforeseen problems. Truly flexible hauling companies have the staff, experience, equipment and technology to make critical adjustments as necessary and still meet important deadlines.

Also they should have large storage facilities and warehouse space near the port allow for greater flexibility in meeting your unique demands. In addition, an experienced team will have the ability to tailor shipments easily to meet your customers’ needs.

Thinking Outside the Box

The most successful container hauling companies are always examining the way they do business and looking for solutions that increase revenue and save their customers dollars.

According to a report by TMW Systems, a leading supplier of transportation software, one way to stay ahead of the pack is to retain good drivers and think of more creative ways to keep the trucks on the road. Some companies use a method known as slip seating, where two drivers share a cab to keep a vehicle on the road for as long as 22 consecutive hours.

Other companies address the continuing problem of driver shortage by increasing pay and offering rewards and bonuses for safe, competent service. At GlobeCon we’re proud to say that we treat our drivers as the true partners they are and can boast partners that have chosen to drive with us for 15+ years.


When choosing your container hauling company, consider both the length of time the company has been in service, as well as the company’s track record. Length of service shows the company has been doing a good job for its customers, but a consistently increasing bottom line shows quality management that bodes well for your deliveries.

Experienced companies are able to track every step of the shipping process, from the time your goods arrive on a freighter to the moment they reach their destination.


If residential customers can check on their deliveries at the click of a mouse, you should be able to do the same thing with your containers while they’re in transit. Quality container hauling companies offer tracking features that let you know exactly where your container is and if the shipment will arrive on time.

Advanced warehouse management systems and use of the latest industrial Internet tools provide real-time access to your inventory so you are aware of any potential problems before they occur.

Through the use of network sensors and software, a top-notch container shipping company can give you complete transparency into the logistics of their portion of the supply chain. Communication via an Electronic Data Interchange not only automates the shipping process but also reduces human mistakes by eliminating the need to key in information or send faxes and emails back and forth.

In Bond Services

If you are using a customs broker for your In Bond transport needs, consider a shipper that has acquired a customs bond. The best port drayage companies have a customs bond to help cut through the red tape of bringing shipments into the country. One less hoop to jump through means your shipments arrive at their destination that much quicker.

In the end, you should only place your cargo containers in the hands of a business you trust completely to get the job done on time. Find a container hauling company that has long-standing relationships with a large number of clients. Make sure they have the technology, experience, and management to steadfastly handle your loads as if they were their own.

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