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4 Ways to Tell If You’re Working with the Best Container Drayage Partner

For freight forwarders and shippers, finding a top quality container drayage company to accommodate all your needs is essential.

To ensure you’re getting all the help you need, it’s important to know what today’s best container drayage companies should be able to offer you from the dock to the warehouse and every where in between.

Consistent Warehouse Fulfillment Services

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange has made it possible to eliminate paper invoices altogether, saving considerable time for BCOs, shippers, drayage companies and freight forwarders. Web based inventory management systems have become the standard for many, along with complete transparency and tracking for all containers, accessible by multiple parties in real-time.

In short, container drayage companies which incorporate the newest technologies into their operations will be able to handle higher volume orders with ease.

Versatile Shipping and Freight Forwarding Services

BCOs/shippers and freight forwarders need to know they can rely on a container drayage company to meet their unique needs on schedule, every single time.

Finding a drayage company that has a solid reputation for providing excellent service to high profile clients is the best way to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Competitive pricing and complete coverage to serve the needs today’s global marketplace are also a must.

A Cutting-Edge Warehouse Management System

Trusted container drayage companies use a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to organize all aspects of order fulfillment, picking and shipping, which is much less time consuming. Enhanced inventory accuracy also makes it much easier to maintain when there is a strong WMS in place.

This translates to fewer items taking up warehouse space as orders get processed much more quickly. Likewise, order pick times are also drastically reduced.

Excellence in Transport Logistics

Well-organized and professional transport logistics is the corner stone of any quality drayage company. You should only partner with companies that are able to adapt to virtually any freight forwarder or shipper’s specific time lines and expectations.

White glove home delivery, pick and pack services, transloading and comprehensive transportation strategies should be no problem, from California to New York City. Also, a hallmark of outstanding transport logistics includes easy access to containers, invoices and all shipment progress for BCOs or shippers to check on 24/7.

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