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warehouse industry statistics

Warehousing and Fulfillment Industry Statistics for the U.S. Market

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The Big Picture Warehousing and storage in the United States is currently a $22 billion industry employing over 600,000 people. Add in another $9 billion and 60,000 employees that handle order fulfillment and you’re looking at a major industry. Almost 10,000 U.S. businesses take part in this industry, organizing and directing the flow of hundred […]

supply chain trends

New Supply Chain Trends Affecting the Warehouse Industry

Categories: BCO/Shipper, Warehouse.

The addition of eCommerce into the world of retail along with an expanding global customer base, and shrinking product life cycles are all contributing to increased performance pressure on warehouse service providers. The following three supply chain trends are emerging as companies seek to maintain an organized and highly-efficient supply chain system to stay competitive […]