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6 Ecommerce Fulfillment Trends for the 2021 Holiday Season

Categories: BCO/Shipper.

The holiday shopping season is already in full swing, with customers placing orders at a record pace so far this year. Some part of that is due to early warnings about fulfillment backups — rather than risk a stressful last-minute waiting game, shoppers are getting all their holiday shopping done now.

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Reaching the Zero-Emissions Goal for the Port of LA

Categories: Port Drayage.

Sustainability is very much in the spotlight right now. Part of this focus is a natural extension of the coverage from negotiations at COP26, the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow. Cuts to greenhouse gas emissions have been a hot topic as government officials, business leaders, and cultural fixtures negotiate a path forward for the planet.

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More Changes at USPS: What Ecommerce Retailers Need to Know

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2020 was an exceptionally difficult year for the United States Postal Service, one that was cluttered by slowdowns, political conflict, and historically high demand. Long running financial issues ran headlong into a pandemic-related uptick in shipping from ecommerce outlets, which then was exacerbated by significant operational and process changes from top to bottom. The result was a lot of speculation about the health and viability of the agency in a post-pandemic world.

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4 Ways Shipping Fulfillment Services Get Ready for Holiday Season GlobeCon Freight

Preparing for Holiday Shipping in 2021

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Amazon Prime Day, which kicked off June 21, gave the shipping industry a bit of a preview of the upcoming holiday season. The big takeaway: Everyone needs to do their homework and prepare.

Supply chain disruptions — including global shortages of labor, shipping containers, air freight capacity, and materials like semiconductors and plastic — as well as restrictions due to COVID-19 outbreaks in China’s Guangdong Province greatly limited the ability of many companies to participate in this year’s Amazon sale.

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