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How Does Ship-from-Store Fulfillment Fit into the Ecommerce Supply Chain?

Categories: Trucking.

Ship-from-store fulfillment is one of the principal ways brick-and-mortar stores are becoming more responsive to the demands of ecommerce. For big box retailers (who face increasing competition from giants like Amazon) ship-from-store fulfillment provides additional flexibility in online sales. However, shipping from retail stores also creates several complex challenges.

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Are Delivery Management Platforms Essential For ECommerce Fulfillment?

Categories: Freight Forwarder.

Ecommerce fulfillment has transformed customer expectations across all industries in recent years.

Having the lowest price or the best product no longer guarantees a retailer is going to be successful. Now, fulfillment plays a key aspect in customer decision making. The faster you ship — and the more visibility you offer customers about in-transit orders — the happier your customers will be.

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Why Is There a Big Rig Truck Shortage?

Categories: Trucking.

Shippers who want to grow their fleet are in for a rude awakening when they go to order new trucks.

Currently, the backlog for big rig orders is longer than it’s been in more than a decade — with little indication that demand will slow or supply will increase anytime soon. As of this writing, most new orders will not be delivered for nearly a year.

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How Technology Is Improving Visibility in Supply Chains

Categories: BCO/Shipper.

Why are companies being pushed to improve visibility along the supply chain? On some level, it comes from a desire to improve efficiency. Equally, though, pressure is coming from customers — both retailers and their end users — who want better information on the status of their shipments. They want to know the location of their package as near to real time as possible.

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3rd Party Logistics

Intro to 3PL Warehouse Management System Tech

Categories: Warehouse.

Warehouse management systems allow products to be tracked and moved with unmatched speed, efficiency, and transparency. These specialized software suites are designed to manage complex tasks along the supply chain, especially tracking product as it enters and exits warehouses.

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